Sala Thai Special
Special assortment of starters

Gai Tom Kha
Lightly spicy soup with chicken in coconutmilk


Tom Yam Goong
Spicy soup with shrimps and lime juice

Goong Phad Mamuang Himmaphaan a
Prawns with cashewnuts and springoniont

Gaeng Kiauw Waan Neua aa
Green Thai curry with coconut,eggplant and beef

Moo Thod Kra Thiam Phrig Thai
Fried pork with garlic and pepper

Phad Phak Phasom
Assortment of fried vegetables

Dessert of your choice
Dessert of your choice

Coffee or tea
Coffee or tea

€ 49,75 p.p.
(Minimum order two persons)