Coupe Sala Thai € 7,75
Assortment of fruitsorbet

Coupe Mehkong € 7,75
Vanilla icecream with Thai whisky and longans

Kuwai Thod € 8,50
Thai style fried banana's

Kha Niew Ma Mong € 8,50
fresh mango with sticky rice

Khanom Whaan € 7,75
Thai dessert

Pholomay € 8,75
A selection of fresh tropical fruits

Coffee Sala Thai € 7,75
Coffee with Thai whiskey, kahlua, whipped cream

Irish Coffee € 7,75
Coffee with Irish whiskey, whipped cream and brown moist sugar

Coffee Dom € 7,75
Coffee with benedictine and whipped cream

French Coffee € 7,75
Coffee with cognac, whipped cream and white moist sugar