Goong Thod Kra Thiam Phrig Thai € 20,75
Fried prawns with garlic and pepper

Gaeng Kiauw Waan Goong € 20,75
Spicy green Thai curry with coconut and prawns and Thai eggplant

Goong Phad Phrig Thai Sod € 20,75
Fried prawns in a thick Thai curry with fresh green peppers

Phad Prieuw Waan Goong € 20,75
Sweet and sour prawns with pineapple and vegetables

Goong Phad Mamuang Himmaphaan € 20,75
Fried prawns with cashewnuts

Gaeng Khua Sapperot Goong € 20,75
Prawns in a sweet and sour spicy curry with coconut and pineapple

Goong Phad Noh Maai Farang € 20,75
Fried prawns with Thai green asparagus and oystersauce

Chu Chee Goong € 20,75
Fried whole prawns with Thai curry paste