Gaen Khiaw Waan Gai € 18,75
Green Thai curry with chicken,coconut and eggplants

Garee Gai € 18,75
Yellow curry with chicken

Gai Phad Bai Ka Prow € 17,75
Stir fried minced chicken with Thai basil leaves

Gai Phad Mammuang Himmaphaan € 17,75
Finely sliced chicken fried with cashewnuts

Phad Prieuw Waan Gai € 17,75
Sweet and sour chicken with pineapple and vegetables

Gaeng Massaman Gai € 18,75
Thai massaman curry with chicken

Gai Thod Kra Thiam Phrig Thai € 17,75
Fried chicken with garlic and peppercorns